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Total Wellness: Mind

mind platter

Our minds play a critical role in our overall well-being.  We should care for it just as we do our bodies.  Realizing that the mind needs certain things to operate at an optimal level, Dr. David Rock and Dr. Daniel J. Siegel developed The Healthy Mind Platter.  It highlights the seven essential mental activities that are needed to ensure our brain matter operates at an optimal level.   They are necessary for our total well-being.  Here is a summary of the items included on the platter.

Focus Time

Focus on some task that will lead to a specific goal each day.  The challenges caused by closely focusing on the task help to make deep connections in the brain.


Play Time

Be creative and spontaneous; enjoy some new experience each day.  This helps to make new connections in the brain.

Connecting Time

Connect with other people, preferably in person.  Our relationship with others helps reinforce the brains relational circuitry.

Physical Time

Take time to exercise daily.  Moving our bodies helps to strengthen the brain.

Time In

Take time to reflect.  Quiet reflections help us integrate the brain better.


Down Time

Do not focus.  Let the brain recharge by simply relaxing and letting the mind wander.

Sleep Time

Get enough sleep.  This allows the brain to rest and helps us recount, recover and rejuvenate.


For more information, visit Dr. Siegel’s website.



My name is Nicole. I am a graduate student at the wonderful Savannah College of Art & Design, and I am pursuing an MFA in writing, which just so happens to be my passion. Here you'll find a myriad of lifestyle topics involving mental wellness, self-care and tips for greater well-being. I hope you enjoy your stay here in the world wide web of my mind!

2 thoughts on “Total Wellness: Mind

  1. Love this!!! I really believe balance is the key to happiness and this is a good way to remind yourself to spread your time around – too much of one thing isn’t good for us. Do you mind if I share this on my blog? I did a post a few weeks ago about balance and would love to add this info to my site – with credit to you ofcourse 🙂


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